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This page is dedicated to answering questions submitted by my readers. To submit a question to be answered here, please email me.

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AT Question: I was in a car accident 6 months ago, which left me with pain on the right side of my neck. I went to the chiropractor for numerous sessions and was told I was back to normal. However, the pain came back and still exists, sometimes mildly sometimes more acutely. What can I do?  ~Amy

Thank you for this important question, Amy! You bring up a really great topic: does chronic pain (whether brought about through an injury, accident, repetitive strain, or no event at all) have a beginning and end? Before I give you concrete steps to take to address your chronic pain issue, I’d like to touch on this topic. Our culture really likes the idea of fixing things, and this is no different when it comes to our health. Of course, after an injury, there is a time for healing and “getting back to normal”. These are important steps to take after an injury or accident, and health care providers such as chiropractors offer an important method of care. I will call this ‘treatment’, which has a beginning and an end. But what happens after you’ve been treated and sent on your way? Most likely you go back to your normal everyday life, which includes deep set habits of movement. These habitual patterns can interfere with your well-being and contribute to chronic pain. The Alexander Technique is unique because it takes an educational approach to chronic pain. The life skills of the Alexander Technique are used to explore and change our deep set habits of thought and movement.

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