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This page is dedicated to answering questions submitted by my readers. To submit a question to be answered here, please email me.

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AT Question: I always have pain in my neck, shoulder and elbow due to flute playing and other activities. How do I stop the pain? ~Kim

AT Answer: This is a wonderful question, and one I hold near and dear to my heart. As a flutist myself, I’ve experienced pain in my neck, shoulders, and arms. Pain can be debilitating to musicians and cause musicians to not play as much as they’d like or give up playing entirely. It can also lead to believing that there is nothing that can be done and that you just have to live with the pain. This is not the case. The Alexander Technique (AT) is a proven, long lasting solution to pain. Most often, when we want pain to go away we think that we have to “do” something to make that happen. As an Alexander Technique teacher, I take a different approach. To make the pain stop, you must stop what is causing the pain. Since the pain is only occurring when you are engaged in an activity such as playing the flute, let’s look at what can be causing the pain in this activity. From an AT perspective, there are many reasons for which pain can occur:

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