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My Story | Beyond Pain Relief: Discovering a Unique and Special Practice

I discovered the Alexander Technique as a music student in 1997.  I distinctly remember my first experience with the Alexander Technique: I felt as though all the tension in my body was melting away!

A few years later, as a graduate student at the Hartt School of Music, I sought out the Alexander Technique due to severe pain I was experiencing while playing my flute for many hours a day. Every time I played my flute, I would experience pain in my shoulders and neck and numbness throughout my hands and arms.  I would have to stop practicing early due to the numbness. A fellow flutist told me about an Alexander teacher in town and I began taking lessons. 

The Alexander Technique teacher taught me that the numbness in my hands was not isolated to the hands—it was linked to the pain I was experiencing in my neck and shoulders.  I learned to think of my mind and body as one organism—not separate parts—and that the way I use myself can affect my entire being.  The technique made so much sense to me and I was amazed at how much I learned in every lesson.

I knew that I had found a unique and special practice and that I had to make the Alexander Technique a part of my life for the rest of my life. I continued taking lessons for 5 years before committing to a teacher training course in 2006.