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Private lessons are available in Southington, Connecticut by appointment.

Each lesson is 45 minutes long and costs $60.


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Alexander Technique for Young Musicians

The Alexander Technique is an essential tool for musicians to help prevent injury and improve performance. If learned in middle and high school, the Alexander Technique can greatly improve the musical life of a student.

Many young musicians suffer from excess tension in the neck, shoulders, and wrists. Many also have picked up poor postural habits and may be either totally unaware of how they use their bodies, or hyperaware and self-conscious. This can all lead to chronic pain, exhaustion, and not advancing their skills as a musician. If not addressed, the students will often either give up music when they go to college, or—if they decide to major in music—will inevitably come across repetitive strain injuries or debilitating chronic pain. 

For Parents: if your child is a musician, the Alexander Technique is a valuable supplement to their musical education, especially in middle and high school. Lessons will have a lasting impact on their ability to play or sing with more ease and less tension and pain. Each 45 minute private lesson costs $60 and can be booked by contacting Heather at 860-306-5629.

For Music Teachers: Working with students on posture and movement can be frustrating and time consuming. I am available to help! I am able to come to your studio or classroom to give a variety of instruction to teach music students to become aware of how they use their bodies when they play or sing. The following options are some examples: 


  • Private Lessons
  • Masterclasses
  • Group Class
  • Lecture 


Please contact Heather at 860-306-5629 to discuss a customized option to fit your needs. Click here to download the informational flyer (pdf). 

I invited Heather to work with some of my piano students on a one-on-one basis and watched as relaxed breathing, ease, and beautiful, stress-free postures emerged from my students’ bodies.  It is such a joy to see students overcome struggles and be able to create more beautiful sounds at the piano.  Heather teaches principles of the Alexander Technique in a clear, illustrative, and gentle way.  It is clear that she is passionate about this art, implements it into her daily living, and has a genuine love for helping others.  I will continue to have Heather work with my students, both present and future, because she has had such a profound effect on those she has worked with already! I am so thankful!

 ~Tara Lesco, piano instructor, Wallingford, CT