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What Heather's students are saying...


I gained from the Alexander teachings as it continues to lead me to wellness from surgery. To anyone seeking treatments, no matter how small or complex the situation, I truly believe there are “tools” acquired from the Alexander Technique that will guide your everyday activities for a lifetime. 

~Cathy M.

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Through Alexander Technique lessons Heather helped me to overcome neck pain I was having as a result of improper use of my body during long hours of piano practicing.  More recently, she has helped me overcome some lower back issues I was having as a result of the bending, lifting, and carrying that comes with being a mom to a very active baby!  Heather has a naturally calming presence about her and is a joy to be around.  She is a patient teacher who possesses an incredible facility to present information in a relatable manner.  

Because of her effectiveness as a teacher, I invited Heather to work with some of my piano students on a one-on-one basis and watched as relaxed breathing, ease, and beautiful, stress-free postures emerged from my students’ bodies.  It is such a joy to see students overcome struggles and be able to create more beautiful sounds at the piano.  Heather teaches principles of the Alexander Technique in a clear, illustrative, and gentle way.  It is clear that she is passionate about this art, implements it into her daily living, and has a genuine love for helping others.  I will continue to have Heather work with my students, both present and future, because she has had such a profound effect on those she has worked with already! I am so thankful!

~Tara Lesco, piano instructor, Wallingford, CT

"Heather is a wonderful teacher. She understands that a student will naturally question how the method works, and she answers questions very well, both from Alexander's teachings and from her own experience. She has a calming presence, and warm, strong hands. From the beginning, I trusted her touch, and learned gradually to relax very deeply in lessons. After four months of lessons, the shoulder pain and neck stiffness that I'd struggled with for a year and a half was gone. And people who hadn't seen me in a while remarked that my posture was better than it had ever been! These four months of lessons really changed my life. I feel stronger and more confident in the way I walk, sit, and work now."


"Heather is an extraordinary teacher.  Her calmness, clarity, and gentle approach promotes learning in a trusting way.  She has remarkable insight and is very efficient.  I will not hesitate to recommend others to Heather because of the profound effect she has had on my life.  She truly has a gift to share with others!"


"As a massage therapist, it is extremely crucial to my career that I am in complete awareness of where my body is and if I’m holding any tension.  After taking lessons with Heather, I began to recognize the benefits of expanding that awareness to daily activities.  This has decreased pain that I usually feel daily from unintentionally holding certain muscles in contraction.  Heather is extremely knowledgeable about the Alexander Technique, but that is not what makes her amazing at what she does.  Her passionate and nurturing touch that is communicated through an intention to serve is what solidifies her proficiency for me. “


"Heather is an excellent teacher of the Alexander Technique. Her directions are clear and easy to follow and at a pace that is suited to an individual student. She understands the method and explains the thought process behind it in terms that an average person can understand. She's a professional and treats clients with respect and dignity. She's a pleasure to have as a teacher."


"I have a physically demanding job and I also run and practice yoga. When I first came to Heather, I was constantly experiencing pain in my shoulders and lower back. These pains kept me from furthering my yoga practice and being consistent with my running. Heather's teaching has helped me understand how to use my muscles more wisely during these activities, and how to put less strain and add more balance to the places I was experiencing pain.  I would highly recommend Heather as a teacher to anyone. She has helped me so much and I am very grateful to her for helping me live a healthier, pain free life.”


"I have developed a routine involving what I’ve learned from Heather that I enjoy and makes me feel good.  I have also experienced less discomfort in my lower back which is due to learning proper sitting techniques, how to rise without straining, and from the postures that allow my spine and back to rest.”